The Build AND Install Toolkit, or the BANDIT is a software toolkit used in the phyglos distribution to build and install new functionality in a phySystem. The BANDIT can also build and install a new phySystem from scratch.

The phyglos Catalog

The phyglos catalog is the reference catalog to install a new phygSystem. The phyglos catalog is available from the repository to be used by the BANDIT. The phyglos Catalog should provide the minimun number of bundles required to raise a phySystem.

The aliens Catalog

The aliens catalog is a BANDIT catalog provided for convinience that can be used with the BANDIT toolkit to install third party binary products in a system.


The linux-configs collection is a set of .config kernel configuration files for the Linux kernel. The package is designed to work with the BANDIT toolkit and the phyglos catalog, but these .config files can be used as independent files when building any new Linux kernel.


doxphinx is a theme for the Sphinx documentation system. The purpose of doxphinx is to provide a single mechanism to generate the documentation of a project, both in HTML and PDF formats, from a common source.